Professionals Services
Legal and Tax Services
Corporate and Commercial Services
  • Establishment of Various Types of Corporate Vehicles - Giving legal advice prior to the incorporation in order to be in accordance with the prospective investment and business, considering contingent impacts against any type of entities e.g., company limited, public company limited, joint venture, consortium, branch office, region office or representative officer of foreign companies who wish to engage business in Thailand.
  • Investment applications - Giving legal advice and preparation of application forms and related documents for applying of investment promotion in Thailand.
  • Corporate Structure and Strategic Planning - Giving legal advice on structuring of investment, shareholding and management in order to efficiently administer and achieve business purposes including to mitigate any contingent issues among the shareholders or administration problems.
  • Corporate Secretary and Compliance - Giving legal advice on the Board of Directors’ meeting or Shareholders’ meeting in order to be in compliance with Articles of Association of the company or other laws and regulations relating to the meeting, preparing of minutes of Board of Directors’ meeting or Shareholder’s meeting including registering any amendment to reflect the resolution of the meetings.
  • Corporate and Commercial Agreement - Providing service of drafting, reviewing or giving legal advice on various contracts which will be entered into by the parties. Such contracts are Sale and Purchase Agreement, Service Agreement, Lease Agreement, Hire-Purchase Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement (partly or entirely), Shareholders Agreement, Loan /agreement, Guaranty Agreement, Pledge or Mortgage Agreement, Agency Agreement, etc.
  • Legal Due Diligence - Examining legal status of the target company in order to ensure that the target company’s business operation is rightfully and complied with laws including assessment of contingent legal risk and providing course of solutions (if any) for consideration of purchase of shares, assets or business of the target company.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions - Giving legal advice and preparing contracts and any legal documents for business taking over such as mergers, business transfer (partly or entirely) or amalgamation and other related action in order to achieve mergers and acquisitions i.e. liquidation of the transferor company, registration of ownership transfer or change name of owner on any properties to be the name of the transferee or new company after completion of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Banking and Finance - Giving legal advice on the banking and financial matters.
  • Capital Market - Giving legal advice on the registration of listed company to Stock Exchange of Thailand, the holding of Board of Directors’ meeting and Shareholders’ meeting, increase registered capital (whether right offering of private placement), decrease registered capital, assets acquisition and connected transaction, issuance of debentures, issuance of warrants and related terms and conditions, etc.
  • Transactional Documentation
  • Corporate Re-Organization and Restructuring - Giving legal advice on the re-organization by estimating the intention and legal impacts and presenting report for consideration before making decision.
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration - Being legal advisor, indicating the issues, preparing the plaint, answer and any motions or requests including being the attorney for legal proceeding in the stage of. arbitration and court.
  • Disposal of Business Operation.
  • Immigration and Work Permit - Giving legal advice and preparing application form for applying work permit, visa and extension of visa for the expats who desire to work in Thailand.
  • Notarial Services - Providing notarial services for certifying documents or signature by Notarial Services Attorney including providing translation service.
  • Others - Giving legal advice on any issues as per the clients’ requirement.
Real Estate Services
  • Legal Analysis and Advice on Real Estate Matters - Examining and giving legal advice on the purchase of land and buildings in order to mitigate any contingent dispute and make the best benefit for the business including the examination of ownership of land and building, encumbrances (regardless of registration with the land office) and the related town planning law and preparing report for the consideration before purchasing.
  • Registration of Condominium Units and Condominium Juristic Person - Giving advice on the registration of condominium and transfer of condominium ownership.
  • Land Apportionment.
  • Land and Property Due Diligence.
  • Licenses and Permits.
  • Co-operate for the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report.
  • Real Estate Registration.
  • Mortgage Arrangement.
  • Others.
  • Tax Analysis and Advice - Giving advice on taxation relating to the inquiries of the clients and other contingent impacts.
  • Tax Compliance – Giving advice, examining and preparing tax returns such as Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Specific Business Tax and Duty stamp including filing tax return to Revenue Department within the time specified by law.
  • Tax Due Diligence - Examining tax status of the target company focusing on the tax liabilities and estimating any contingent impacts including course of solution of the said impacts for consideration before entering into the transaction.
  • Tax Representative/Liaison – Giving tax advice on the tax issues which the client has been assess.
  • Tax Appeal – Giving advice, review assessment documents, analyzing and finding out the reason to defend tax assessment of Revenue Department and preparing the tax appeal together with supporting documents to cease the tax Assessment of authority.
  • Tax Planning for All Business Operations – Giving advice on tax planning by focusing on the best and legally tax benefit of the company.
  • Tax Review and Tax Audit for Appropriate Tax Treatment – Examining the operation in the past in order to acknowledge whether such operation is properly and in compliance with tax law and to discover any tax issues, including propose course of solution to mitigate the risk of tax assessment by tax assessment authority in the future.
Other LegalServices
    We can provide other legal and tax services apart from the aforesaid as per the specific assignment of the clients.