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Company Profile

Thai Audit & Advisory Co., Ltd., is an audit firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. It was found in 2018 aiming for serving audit and assurance to Thai and foreign customers through our qualified and experienced auditors, associates and support staff. To meet those requirements, we deliver our professional services with generally accepted standards, reliable cost-effective within specific timeline required by customer while preserving our core values of quality, integrity, independence and customer focus. Thai Audit & Advisory Co., Ltd., is an affiliate firm of Thai Advisory Office Co., Ltd., and Thai Accounting Office Co., Ltd., which are professional firms practicing in legal, tax and accounting in Thailand since 2010. Our Value: As part of profession with continuous changes in financial reporting and auditing standards, all staffs are required to maintain their competence through formal trainings and on-the-job trainings. We make sure the personnel’s competence is up to date by implementing strict ongoing development strategy.

Our Audit and Assurance Approach
  • Understand business
  • Perform risk assessment & identify significant risk
  • Determine audit strategy
  • Determine planned audit approach
Control Testing
  • Understand accounting & reporting activities
  • Internal controls
  • Evaluate design & implementation of selected controls
  • Test operating effectiveness of selected controls
  • Assess control risk & risk of material misstatement
Substantive Testing
  • Plan substantive procedure
  • Perform substantive test
  • Obtain audit evidence that is sufficient and appropriate
  • Conclude critical accounting matter
  • Communicate significant audit findings
  • Overall evaluation of financial statements & disclosures Form an audit opinion